Roleplaying Stories

Certain scenes in my characters' lives make such a deep impression on me that I feel compelled to write them as stories. Those stories are presented here in roughly chronological order (the date shown is that of the Hartopsian Calendar, for simplicity's sake).

I've written a lot of stories, but getting them formatted and put up here is going to take a little time. If there's a particular story you'd like to see, feel free to speak up!

Heart To Heart - 1377/1378
Zoya meets Darin for the first time.
(Warning: adult themes)
Hunger Of The Heart - 1378
Darin and Kevil meet. (unfinished)
Aylin's Rain - Midsummer 1380
Kevil's sister is kidnapped.
Not Alone - Early autumn 1381
Kevil realizes he feels more for Darin than friendship.
(Warning: erotica)
The Silver And The Green - Late autumn 1381
Told from Kevil's point of view; Zoya finally learns that Kevil and Darin are lovers - and that Darin can be pushed too far. (unfinished)
(Warning: adult themes)
Holiday - Winter 1381
Zoya learns what it means to push too hard. (unfinished)
Dawning Hope - 1382-1385
Dawn's origin story. (unfinished)
(Warning: adult themes)
Initiation - 1392
Dawn and Dusk's Shadowguild initiation.
(Warning: wincy violence)
A Night in the Tower - Ches (March) 1400
Marten wrestles with his desires.
(Warning: erotica)
Lonely Nights - Ches (March) 1400
Companion piece to A Night in the Tower.
(Warning: erotica)
Zoya's Ordeal - Tarsakh (April) 5, 1400
Zoya summons the spirit of her dead Master to formally release her from her apprenticeship. (Companion to this script.
Early To Rise - Ches (March) 1401
Glossaria struggles with the remains of a psionic suggestion.
(Warning: adult themes)
Second Chances - Tarsakh (April) 1401
Tarri is offered a second chance at a happy future.
Bright Day, Dark Night - Kythorn (June) 25, 1401
Tarri and Sanriel encounter the seamy side of Marsember.
Dancing With Memory - Hammer (January) 24, 1402
Shortly after the trip to Alanis, Kevil does some serious thinking... with some help.
Exorcising Ghosts - Flamerule (July) 15, 1402
The day after Loria and Diya become lovers, Missa and Kevil have a very serious chat.
Shiver and Ear - Kythorn (June), 1402
About a month after Dawn and Dusk assume titular head of the Marsember Guild.
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